No question about it I learned so more about my Playback work at our last performance than ever before. We had the smallest audience ever!  But here is the amazing news...we turned the show format upside down. We shattered the 4th wall and created this more workshop feel. Audience members and Playback performers all shared stories. There wasn't a dry eye or cold heart in the place.  Marcia created this unbelievably appropriate song especially for the show. Her lyrics are still with me...Second Genesis...Lessons Learned...Lessons Earned.. We ended the show with everyone in a circle holding hands and singing this song. Yes, it was totally Kuumbaya. Gotta love it.

So what did I learn?  I learned that events like September 11th are traumatic events. Duh!  Trauma triggers very painful and usually unresolved feelings to the surface. As a conductor I need to be prepared to very gently guide everyone.  Two people had full blown sobbing sessions in the teller's chair. That means safety was in the room folks.

 As a business person I need to realize that you can't get ahead of your target market. I had so many people call me ahead of time to tell me they were not coming because the topic was too painful.  I respected this head's up, but didn't quite get the significance of their warning until that night.

My prayer was to trust that the right people would be in the audience that night. I can only trust that that's exactly what happened.

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